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Hello everyone,

Sorry to inform that I have to step down as Secretary for the Ohio Green Party Committee. My new job as Desktop Support for the City of Columbus has an ethics code that prevents holding officer positions for a political party. However, I will still be on the committee as a member only and continue to provide Web Admin support.

I've received some website inquiries regarding errors with paypal donation buttons. So far it still works on my end, but if anyone has a problem clicking through to the paypal portal please let me know.

Great job on promoting our website and sharing our postings on social networks. I've attached a snapshot of Google Analysis, and we are rising in the search engine rankings. Keep up the momentum and as we get closer to elections.

We also have a rise in volunteer request. Please let me know if anyone from our volunteer coordinators committee are having any problems with receiving the request, and if they need to be re-submitted and directed to the proper local committee associations.

Thanks again for everyone participation.

Philena Farley 



PS. You are receiving this message as a user of the ohio greens website. If you would like use your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google accounts to login the site. First you must login with your user account First. http://www.ohiogreens.org/user

If you forgot your password, you can request a new password. http://www.ohiogreens.org/user/password

Once you are logged in, you go to back to your user profile: http://www.ohiogreens.org/user

Then you will see a tab within your profile titled, "Connections" http://www.ohiogreens.org/user/*yourID*/connections From there, you can choose to connect with Social Network providers. Once you're connected, you will not have to login the regular way, and just hit the "Connect with FB, TW, G+" on the homepage from now on.

If you have registered using a social network and created a password, you should be fine. However I do screen new user request, due to attacks on 3rd party websites, so be wary if you have to request another password. There are many users on the site with "0" activity, and could be deleted in the future.