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Dr. Brett Joseph

Office sought: 
Lt. Governor of Ohio
Committee to Elect Constance Gadell-Newton
1021 E. Broad Street
43205 Columbus , OH
Phone: (614)307-9783
Brett R. Joseph, LL.M., Ph.D. today announced his decision to run in the Ohio 2018 mid-term
election as the Green Party's candidate for Lieutenant Governor, joining on the ticket with
Columbus attorney and social justice activist Constance Gadell-Newton, who announced her
candidacy for Governor of Ohio in late May, 2017.
Dr. Joseph (or Brett as he prefers to be called) is an organizational systems design consultant,
attorney, community action researcher, and environmental educator. He serves his native
northeast Ohio as a sustainable agriculture program coordinator and permaculture instructor at
the Lorain County Community College.
Brett is an active proponent of economic democracy and progressive social change. He is
committed to generating high quality, ecologically sustainable livelihoods through policy
reforms, and administrative restructuring that encourages citizen-led initiatives that value people
over profits. His first priority is to foster Earth-friendly, neighborhood-scale development by
strategically steering public and private investment towards individuals, families, community
groups, and worker-owned businesses.
“We face complex problems requiring an ‘all hands on deck’ approach where Ohioans can unify
around the goals of universal medicare, tuition-free education, safe non-militarized streets,
sustainable livelihoods and communities, and a vibrant, inclusive democracy that is free from the
corrupting influences of corporate campaign finance.”
Brett’s professional background reflects a life-long commitment to fostering economic
democracy, decolonization, public health, and citizen-led initiatives to build climate resilience
while fostering harmonious relationships between human and natural systems. For 15 years, he
served as an environmental and international attorney with the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration, based in Washington D.C. and Seattle.
“After a decade and a half of government service, I came to realize that no amount of
government regulation or public spending would be sufficient to reverse the combined
unsustainable trends that are driving our society towards social and ecological collapse. I
realized neither legal mandates nor technological fixes would be sufficient, and that this
generation’s first responsibility is to seek fundamental changes to those institutionalized
ideologies and patterns of behavior that lie at the root of our present problems.”
Before leaving government service, Brett returned to school to earn a master’s degree in
psychology with a certificate in socially engaged spirituality, prior to earning a doctorate degree
Contact information: 
Committee to Elect Constance Gadell-Newton 1021 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205 (614)307-9783 Office [email protected] to Elect Constance Gadell-Newton 1021 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205 (614)307-9783