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Ohio Green Party unveils 2014 platform, makes case for third party (The Richland Source)

The Ohio Green Party hosted an informal meeting at Relax, It’s Just Coffee on Saturday night. In this next election cycle they will be the only identified minority party on the ballot, a status made possible by a court ruling in 2010.

Green Party: Demilitarize the police, end racial disparities and bring justice to the criminal justice system

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Green Party leaders and candidates are calling for the demilitarization of civilian U.S.

Rios for Governor statement on charter schools and Common Core

"I feel that there are public institutions that should remain public and to assure the integrity of the function that they perform should never be entrusted to "for profit" entities or even private nonprofits who's scope is narrow.

Anita Rios issues statement on Ohio death penalty

"Last week, in response to concerns regarding the efficacy of drugs used for lethal injections, US District Judge Gregory Frost extended a moratorium on executions in Ohio to January 15, 2015.

Meet the Green Party - The Mansfield News Journal

Join the Mansfield community in welcoming the Green Party for an informational, inspiring and fun evening from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Aug. 23 at Relax, It’s Just Coffee at 105 N. Main St.

Bob Hart Calls for End to Militarizing Civilian Police Departments

The recent attack by the Ferguson, Missouri police department “army” upon its own citizens for exercising their 1st Amendment rights demonstrated with great clarity the dangerous and inevitable consequences of Congress militarizing civilian police forces. The “1033 Program” as it is known permits the acquisition of military grade weaponry by local police departments. This conversion of local police departments into municipal armies has the support of both Republicans and Democrats.

Lucas County Green Party Statement on the Oppression of the Palestinian people in Gaza

Israel was born of and built upon the dispossession, disenfranchisement, and disempowerment of those who lived peacefully with Jews and Christians alike for centuries under the rule of various imperial powers.  Not until the formation of the State of Israel did we begin to witness the systematic injustice in this region perpetrated by one group against another.

Drinking water is a human right, Ohio must go green in agriculture

In response to the water crisis in Toledo this weekend, Ohio Green Party Lt. Governor candidate Bob Fitrakis says that Ohio must move away from petrochemical fertilizers and adopt a new green agricultural economy.

"The harmful algae bloom has been going for more than decade and has gotten substantially worse under Kasich's administration" Fitrakis said. According to the Ohio Sea Grant college program, during Kasich's first year, 2011, the algae bloom was rated at its most severe -- ranking 10 on a 10 point scale.

Personal statement from Anita Rios about the water crisis affecting her home town, Toledo

"Like most other people from Toledo and the surrounding suburbs I spent yesterday morning searching for water. I decided not to try to buy water in the inner city neighborhood where I live because I realized that some of my neighbors would not have the transportation to travel to get water. I decided to try to avoid the crowds altogether and drove up I-75 to Monroe Mich, about 25 miles north of Toledo.

Prominent Greens run for Governor

An article in "The Green Pages" that leads off with the Rios for Governor campaign.