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Seeing Green: Gubernatorial Candidate Anita Rios on the Power of Third Parties to Shape Debate in Ohio: Scene Magazine

A shift in political momentum nationwide shows a growing interest in and support for third parties. The Old Guard, while still picking up a vast majority of votes, certainly doesn't hold the same sway for many Americans.

Green Party: It's time to revive the peace movement and oppose the bipartisan policy of endless war

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States is calling for a new antiwar movement in response to the renewal of U.S. military involvement in Iraq.

Greens said that dropping bombs in Iraq and Syria is unlikely to bring peace and stability to the region. The open-ended campaign includes more than a thousand U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq.

Don't like Kasich or FitzGerald? You have an option. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

"Don't want to vote for Republican Gov. John Kasich or his Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald? Your Ohio ballot will have a third choice for governor: Green Party candidate Anita Rios.

Hart “Recommended” by Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

The Columbus chapter of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists has “Recommended” Bob Hart for U.S. Congress. Hart is running is running for Congress as the Green Party’s candidate in Ohio’s 12th District. He received the recommendation after screening with the Columbus Chapter of CBTU last month.

An open letter to feminists: From Anita Rios

I hope that you are all engaged and working hard to have a positive impact on these midterm elections because we do indeed have a great deal at stake. I just wish that among your talking points about what is at stake there would be some mention of building momentum and visibility for our issues by broadening our options beyond the two major parties. I will not be wedded to the Democrats who have too often been complicit in the erosion of reproductive rights.

Green Party to Obama: Stop vilifying immigrants, grant protected legal status

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party candidates and activists expressed alarm at President Obama's dismissal of immigrants' rights and apparent capitulation to the rhetoric of xenophobic Republican extremists.

Anita Rios Meet and Greet fundraiser in Columbus

You are invited to meet Anita Rios, Green Party candidate for Governor of Ohio, who will be in Columbus, Ohio for a meet and greet fundraiser sponsored by the Franklin County Green Party!

When: Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 5:30pm
Where: At the home of Bob Fitrakis, her Lt. Governor running mate

1021 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43205

Come talk with Anita about her campaign and the issues affecting Ohioans this election year.

Ed FitzGerald's campaign woes could help Ohio Green Party

But with Kasich riding high and FitzGerald's campaign dragged down by missteps, the

Green, Democratic candidates to debate, Republican incumbent declines

COLUMBUS — The Republican incumbent won’t be at the table, but there will be gubernatorial debate after all in Ohio.

Hart “Highly Recommended” by Ohio Coalition of Concerned Black Citizens

The Hart for Congress campaign is proud to announce that the Ohio Coalition of Concerned Black Citizens has “Highly Recommended” Bob Hart, the Green Party candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. “It’s an honor and a privilege to receive this recommendation from the Ohio Coalition of Concerned Black Citizens, a community based organization dedicated to public service with a strong commitment to social and economic justice for all,” said Hart.