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Green Party candidate Bob Hart Opposes Illegal & Misguided U.S. Expansion Of War

September 17, 2014

Green Party offers option for governor - The Toledo Blade

COLUMBUS — Anita Rios has watched from a distance as the Democratic candidate for governor has seen his campaign flounder and wondered whether this could create an opening for her.

Green Party supports new call for passage of the ERA


Examiner Interview with congressional candidate Dennis Lambert

2014 is an election year in Ohio, and Examiner.com is sitting down with some of the candidates in key races so that the voters will be able to make informed decisions.

Green Party to join People's Climate March, NYC Climate Convergence, Sept. 19-21


Green Party Statehouse candidate Elaine Mastromatteo LWV questionnaire

My answers to the League of Women Voter's questionnaire:

Ohio Green Party unveils 2014 platform, makes case for third party (The Richland Source)

The Ohio Green Party hosted an informal meeting at Relax, It’s Just Coffee on Saturday night. In this next election cycle they will be the only identified minority party on the ballot, a status made possible by a court ruling in 2010.

Green Party: Demilitarize the police, end racial disparities and bring justice to the criminal justice system

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Green Party leaders and candidates are calling for the demilitarization of civilian U.S.

Rios for Governor statement on charter schools and Common Core

"I feel that there are public institutions that should remain public and to assure the integrity of the function that they perform should never be entrusted to "for profit" entities or even private nonprofits who's scope is narrow.

Anita Rios issues statement on Ohio death penalty

"Last week, in response to concerns regarding the efficacy of drugs used for lethal injections, US District Judge Gregory Frost extended a moratorium on executions in Ohio to January 15, 2015.