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Back to the caves with Kasich

By Bob Fitrakis, Green candidate for Lt. Governor of Ohio

Green Party of Franklin County endorses Columbus Community Bill of Rights

Contact: Bob Fitrakis, 614-374-2380


 At their July 8, 2014 County Central Committee meeting, the Franklin County Green Party endorsed the Columbus Community Bill of Rights. Co-Chair Bob Fitrakis called for “a return to localism where local people control their air and water and are not at the mercy of corporate polluters.”

Ohio Green Party Congressional candidate Bob Hart Condemns Israeli Invasion of Gaza

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hart For Congress Committee [HartforCongress.com] MORE INFORMATION: Bob Hart 614-301.8737/HartforCongress@gmail.com

Anita Rios, Green Party Candidate for Ohio Governor announces Fast For Peace and support for Peace Action Days, August 6 & 9

Since "the war to end all wars" humanity has stumbled from one violent conflict to the next.

The Green Party of the U.S. calls for an immediate bilateral ceasefire in the latest Gaza assault

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States is calling for an immediate ceasefire in the current exchange of missiles between Israeli and Palestinian forces, negotiation for a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict, an end to Israel's occupation of Palestinian Territories and human rights violations, repeal of apartheid policies in Israel, and establishment of one democratic state for all in Israel-Palestine.

Green Party of Ohio Endorses “Label The Truth”

Columbus OH -- The Green Party of Ohio today endorsed the efforts of the “Label the Truth” organization in Ohio that is working towards obtaining the necessary signatures to place on the 2016 ballot an issue mandating the labeling of food products that have been genetically modified.


Green Party: Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling should boost the movements for single-payer national health care and abolition of corporate personhood

 WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders and candidates strongly condemned the Supreme Court's Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores ruling, and said that the decision should motivate more people to demand single-payer national health care and abolition of corporate "personhood."

Green Party: No new U.S. military action in Iraq

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Green Party of the United States is calling for no new U.S. military action in Iraq, including on-the-ground troop deployment and airstrikes.

Greens are urging President Obama to resist demands by belligerent politicians and pundits for a U.S. assault in Iraq against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)

Green Party of Ohio and Rios For Governor Campaign Decry New Ohio Law Freezing Renewable Energy Standards.

Ohio Green Party www.ohiogreens.org
Rios For Governor www.riosforgovernor.com
For Immediate Release: June 14, 2014
Contact: Bob Fitrakis, Co-Chair of Green Party of Ohio and Lt. Gov. candidate 614-374-2380
Sean Nestor, Rios For Governor Campaign Manager 419-376-9746

Franklin County Committee Elected Officers

Congratulations to the newly elected Officers for the Franklin County Green Party

Tekla Taylor-Lagway  -- Co-Chair (Female)
Robert J. Fitrakis -- Co-Chair (Male)
Philena Farley - Secretary
Suzanne Patzer - Treasurer